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At The Depot Theatre, we aim to entertain, challenge and inspire audiences with performances that are accessible, affordable and – most importantly – a really fun night out.

Support Us

You can support us by buying tickets to our performances, coming along to see them, and then hopefully telling your friends what a wonderful time you had!
We have also registered our 2017 Season - Audience Development Campaign with the Australian Cultural Fund, which enables you to support us by making a tax deductible donation. 

For our 2017 Season, we are looking to program a diverse range of productions – anything from the completely experimental to the traditional, including new and classic Australian and international works from all genres. The money we raise through our Australian Cultural Fund campaign will be used to help generate audiences for each of our 2017 Season productions. Any amount, large or small will contribute enormously to our success.

Developed by Creative Partnerships Australia, a not-for-profit organisation supported by the Ministry for the Arts, the Australian Cultural Fund was created to increase philanthropic and social investment in Australia’s cultural sectors.