Pop Up Theatre
in association with The Depot Theatre presents
the world premiere of Australian play
Let's Talk About You 
By Rivka Hartman
A black comic love story about and between women.

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16 - 26 November 2016

Director Christine Mearing and Rivka Hartman
Producer Rivka Hartman
Composer Martyn Wilson
Choreographer Christine Mearing
Designer Joe Montano
Cast Elaine Hudson, Anne Tenney and Taylor Owynns
"To our benefit, Hartman gives the 60+ year old female a voice – not one but two, and brings a refreshing and vibrant addition to the Sydney stage." SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE

"All three actors give astounding performances, physically engaging, and vocally delicious. Rivka Hartman’s script is full of sparkling one-liners." THEATRE RED

"Hartman’s witty dialogue and the energetic choreography of Christine Mearing, knit Hartman’s piece into a warm and entertaining piece of theatre." ALT MEDIA

"The three actresses are outstanding in their nuanced, relatable portrayals of women at crossroads with themselves. The writing gives the cast a lot to delve into with its sharp wit and refreshing honesty." THE BUZZ FROM SYDNEY

"True to form, Pop Up Theatre’s Rivka Hartman, in association with the Depot Theatre, has produced another quality piece of independent theatre and it is definitely worth a visit." SYDNEY SCOOP

Production shots by Vicki Skarratt
8pm Wed-Sat, 5pm Sun
(Preview Wed 16 November)
The deconstruction of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ernestine Brilliant is well underway. After her affair with Hope, all traditional assumptions of reality are exploded and she loses every reference and identification to her former self. Let’s Talk About You is a black comic love story about and between women.
Rivka Hartman began her career as a playwright at La Mama in Melbourne and then worked as a screenwriter and director for 25 years. She is winner of multiple awards including a Gold AWGIE as writer of THE MINSKIRTED DYNAMO.